Educational Video Library

View, Research and Analyze edited movies, and raw video clips from real life documentation and interviews. Created by acclaimed documentarian Jacky Comforty from his vast private archive of best practices in education collected over the last 25 years. Currently there are 600 video clips and movies that are organized by categories, and keywords, case study and media type, with thorough search options. We are in the beta stage and are gradually adding to each video a synopsis, a transcription, and Links.  Users can take notes while watching and save them or edit them while viewing. We have added a few other useful tools for learning, presentation and analysis for scholars and students, lecturers and presenters, teachers,  trainers and practitioners who will use these materials. These is not only good training tool to teach how to observe body language and social situation as it unfolds, see examples of best practices, and get the views of those who do the work. Using these resources will enrich the user and provide resources and tools to develop analytical and critical thinking. See How this Resource is used