Children's Potential Richard Learner talks about the potential for positive development in all children, and advises parents on how to explore this potential and guide it to a good direction.
Reggio - Excerpts Howard Gardner talks about Malaguzzi’s work and The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education, shortly explaining concepts like group learning and documentation.
The Quest for Best A trailer of our documentary film in progress about the importance of early childhood education and misconceptions about it.
Parent Participation Sierra Roussos, Director of St. Mark's nursery school and kindergarten, reflects on three benefits parents receive through participation in the early childhood classroom: seeing what children do, knowing children’s classmates, and viewing teachers’ positive
Play Based vs Testing Daniel Roussos, Director of the Bloomington Center for Global Children reflects about pressure that parents feel for the children to be prepared for middle school already in early childhood and how important are play and experienced based learning.
Play-Based Curriculum Carol Spencer, from Hoosier Courts, explains to us the school's believes and what exactly does a 'play-based curriculum' mean. She defends the importance of learning through experience, and building better people starting in early childhood. She also
Ethics is Central Prof. Howard Gardner talks about the concept and judgment of ethics, and being ethical in a global world. He explains concepts like the individual vs the society, and how to know what is the right thing to do.
Natural Playground Intro A tour of the new Natural Playground with Debbie LeeKeenan, director of the Children’s School at Eliot Pearson Center for Early Childhood Development. Debbie explains how the playground is set up, the materials children use and the connection to nature

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